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Vito's Pizza and Subs texts coupons and special promotions on occasion to the numbers of people who have ordered from us before. We only text to numbers of people who have ordered from us in the past six months. We offer people the ability to opt-out at any time by simply replying STOP to any text message. We do our best to ensure those that request to be removed are indeed remove from our list.

In addition we send coupons and special promotions via e-mail to customers that have registered through our online ordering system and selected to receive e-mails for Vito's Pizza and Subs.

Overall, our texting and e-mailing is very popular and we feel that we are reducing the impact on our planet by mailing approximately 2.5 million fewer coupons per year by using this service but we understand and respect your request to not receive further texts and/or e-mails. Please confirm you would like to not receive special promotions or coupons from us in the future by entering your cell phone number and/or e-mail address in the boxes below.

To stop receiving text messages, enter your phone number: (numbers only please)
To stop receiving e-mails, enter your e-mail address:

If you have entered your number previously or have texted 'STOP' but you continue to receive texts, or if you have submitted your e-mail address and continue to receive e-mails please accept our apology and contact us to complete your request. Thank you.

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